How to Fill Out Texas DPS Drivers Permit Forms 2018

How to Fill Out Texas DPS Drivers Permit Forms 2018

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This video is for Aceable Parent Taught Drivers Ed students and parents who need to fill out the forms required for getting a learner's permit in Texas! It describes in detail the process for correctly filling out the Aceable Classroom Instruction Log, the permit certificate that was emailed to the student, and the two Affidavits found in the Parent Guide from the Texas Department of License and Regulation.

If you only need to see how to fill out the Classroom Instruction Affidavit, skip to 2:37.

If you only need to see the Texas Residency Affidavit, skip to 4:27.

Here's a link to download the Classroom Instruction Log from Aceable:

If you've misplaced your Parent Guide, you can redownload that packet by clicking the second link on this page:

If you have not yet ordered that Guide, and you have already gotten your permit certificate from Aceable, please do so right away by clicking the first link on the above website, then contact an Aceable Customer Experience Hero to help you through the next steps!