Taking Meeka The Talking Husky On An Airplane!

Taking Meeka The Talking Husky On An Airplane!

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Hi friends! Today we took our dog Meeka The Talking Siberian Husky flying in an airplane for the first time to take her on vacation to Colorado from Florida! 😱😍✈️ Her talking and reaction to the plane was HILARIOUS! She was scared at first and argued with her parents but she was such a good girl & we are so proud of her! πŸ’•


- Meeka is NOT a service dog. She is an ESA! (Her vest states ESA on both sides!)

- Meeka only howled on the airplane AFTER getting permission from the flight attendants (they loved her!). They knew we were shooting a YouTube travel series and were totally cool with us having Meeka β€œtalk” a few times through out the journey!

- We are very thankful that we were able to bring Meeka on this trip with us prior to all airlines doing away with allowing ESA’s on board! We understand their reasons of why ESA’s are no longer allowed on board with owners & will do road trips in the future until they allow ESA’s to fly again! :)

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