He Might Be More Terrifying Than You Think - Issei Sagawa | Mystery & Makeup GRWM| Bailey Sarian

He Might Be More Terrifying Than You Think - Issei Sagawa | Mystery & Makeup GRWM| Bailey Sarian

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Hi friends hope you are having a wonderful day today! Happy Monday. Its been awhile since we've talked about the ppl eaters. He is definitely a unique one, I am not sure what else to say. Let me know what you think down below and if you loved this eyeshadow look as much as I did.
Love and appreciate you all so much for watching! Hope to be seeing you real soon x o
Bailey Sarian

5:19 The Early years
9:56 First Attempt
21:20 The Night
24:52 Love At First Nibble
30:22 Little Man with the Suitcases
32:16 the Park Situation
35:50 Oooooh, Hes In Trouble
40:12 What Comes Next


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