Saitama Adopts a Disaster Level Monster | One Punch Man Manga Saitama's Dog Explained

Saitama Adopts a Disaster Level Monster | One Punch Man Manga Saitama's Dog Explained

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Saitama has a lot of people in his house but in the Monster Association Arc he finally gets a pet. When Garou is in the Monster Association base, he accidentally comes across Overgrown Rover, a Dragon Level mysterious being who is actually stronger than many of the S-Class heroes in the series. When Garou ticks it off by accident he isn’t really able to hurt it in any way, ultimately being left by the Dog as it wandered off and eventually was found by Saitama, who was attacked by the Dog and quickly handled the situation with a stern command to SIT, which paired with his amazing strength actually worked on the animal. After the arc is over and the monsters have been defeated, Overgrown Rover shrinks down to the size just a decently big normal dog, and Saitama comments that Rover is a good boy, as he picks Rover up, and takes him home, however in classic Saitama fashion he sort of instantly gets bored of having the S Class Dog around, so he gives away the responsibility of taking care of it to other heroes trying to impress him.

Video Titles: Saitama Adopts a Disaster Level Monster | One Punch Man Manga Saitama's Dog Explained

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