Hotel California - Eagles - Guitar Bass Drum Cover

Hotel California - Eagles - Guitar Bass Drum Cover

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Here's my full band cover of me playing all the guitar parts, bass, and drums for Hotel California by the Eagles. I used 2 acoustic guitars, one with Nashville tuning strings and other with standard tuning to get the 12 string sound. I recorded, mixed, and edited the video and audio in my home studio with the following equipment:

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12 string Part:
6 string Overdub part:
Don Felders Part:
Don Felder's Overdub Part:
Joe Walsh's Part:
Joe Walsh's Overdub Part:
Phaser Gtr Part:
Guitar Doubles Bass Part:
Rhythm Muted Gtr Part:
Bass Part:
Drum Part:

Guitar - Epiphone Les Paul with Slash APH-2s Alnico II Pro Humbuckers Pickups
Bass - Ibanez Soundgear
Line 6 Pod HD 500 for Guitar and Bass tones

Drums recorded using:
Sm57 on Snare and Floor Tom
Audix D2 on Hi and Mid Toms
AKG D112 on Kick Drum
Rode NT5 Overhead mics Spaced Pair

Hi Hat - 14" Paiste Alpha,
Crash - 14" A.Zildjian & Cie Vintage,
Crash - 16" Zildjian Edge Razor Thin,
Crash - 17" Zildjian A Custom
Crash - 19" Zildjian A Custom
Ride - 20" Paiste Sound Creation Dark Ride
China - 18" Paiste PST 5

Audio Recorded with Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
DAW - Studio One Pro

Video Edited with Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10