Transition 2021 Series: How to Deal With Russia

Transition 2021 Series: How to Deal With Russia

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Panelists discuss U.S.- Russia relations, including issues such as Ukraine, cybersecurity, and the domestic political outlook in both countries.

The Transition 2021 series examines the major issues confronting the administration in the foreign policy arena.

Fiona Hill
Robert Bosch Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution; Former Deputy Assistant to the President and Senior Director for European and Russian Affairs, National Security Council (2017–2019); CFR Member

Stephen Sestanovich
George F. Kennan Senior Fellow for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Council on Foreign Relations; Former U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for the Former Soviet Union (1997–2001); @SSestanovich

Alexander R. Vershbow
Distinguished Fellow, Atlantic Council; Former Deputy Secretary General of NATO (2012–2016); Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Affairs (2009–2012); Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia (2001–2005); CFR Member

Susan B. Glasser
Staff Writer, New Yorker

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