Parallel Parking Part 1: How to Park - Aceable 360

Parallel Parking Part 1: How to Park - Aceable 360

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Aceable is here to demonstrate the best techniques to help you pursue perfect parallel parking prowess.

Make sure you have enough room to fit in the available spot. If you look to your right, you can gauge if it looks like your car will fit. The length of your car plus four to five feet is best.

Pull up and stop about two feet away from the front car. Try to align your rear wheels with the rear bumper of the front car. Be sure to signal to the right, letting other traffic know you are parking.

Turn your wheel to the right as far as it will go. The amount of turning may vary between cars. This will turn your front wheels about 45 degrees.

Check your mirrors to make sure the coast is clear. It can also be helpful to look over your shoulders to check your blind spots. When it is clear, put the car in reverse and release the brake, which will slowly back you into the spot.

Keep an eye on your mirrors while backing up to ensure you don’t bump anything! Stop when your front tires are aligned with the rear bumper of the front car. Now turn your wheel all the way to the left, which will angle your wheels about 45 degrees in the other direction.

Slowly back further into the spot. Your car will pivot the other direction and into the spot. Keep an eye on the front car to be sure to avoid hitting it. Keep another eye on the rear car, and be sure not to bump it! People don’t like that.

You can check your mirrors or look over your shoulder for your blind spot.

Once you're in the spot, straighten your wheel and adjust your position to be parallel with the curb. You want to stay 6-18 inches away from the curb. Be sure to leave space between you and the other cars.
You're all done! Now let’s hang out and admire this sweet parallel parking job... it’s really something, isn’t it?

Use our 360 video technology to experience a virtual example of how to parallel park. Once you try parallel parking in real life, you're sure to feel much more confident!