24 Hours in Real Ghostbuster Car to Rescue Best Friend ! (Giant Influencer Taste Test Challenge)

24 Hours in Real Ghostbuster Car to Rescue Best Friend ! (Giant Influencer Taste Test Challenge)

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After Escaping Ghostbusters in real life with Rebecca Zamolo we need to rescue RZ twin who saved us from the Shining. We finally opened the tunnel to the secret room in our new house and real ghosts escaped. Today we wake up after driving all night and it is time to eat breakfast. Daniel confronts us to say Wendys is the best food but Matt believes McDonald's is better and Rebecca and her cousin Maddie think Jack in the Box is the best. We decide to do a giant influencer taste test. Everyone goes through the drive-thru in the ecto 1 and it surprises the workers. Who are you gonna call? At the second location Matt hears a noise from the roof. Who can it be? Is it a hacker or someone else? They finally make it to the lake of secrets where they do a full taste tests of fries, burgers and nuggets. The girls play a trick prank on Matt and Daniel and make them do a cringey tik tok in real life. Rebecca tries to find RZ twin using twin telepathy but it is a fail. Daniel leaves to find her and is gone way too long. Is Daniel missing now too? Will we find them both in time or will the real game master from the gm network need to come? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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