Ep 437: Deuce McAllister joins WDC to talk Jameis Winston (& Taysom), Drew Brees, Cesar Ruiz & More

Ep 437: Deuce McAllister joins WDC to talk Jameis Winston (& Taysom), Drew Brees, Cesar Ruiz & More

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Had some audio-sync issues, but podcast went great with #Saints RB Legend Deuce McAllsiter.

01:00 - Podcast Start
01:18 - Will the Saints bring in plays from playbooks past for Jameis to attack vertically?
02:29 - Why NOLA might not have the same level of trust with Jameis yet like they did with Teddy.
04:17 - How much control does Jameis get over gameplan?
05:50 - Making sure AK is included - how do they do that?
07:32 - Obligatory RPO question, and why you just don't (won't) see them
10:14 - Adam Trautman becoming a bigger part of the offense
11:23 - Deuce's Falcons Hate Week memories
12:12 - What run plays would Deuce take from his days and give to Murray in the 2nd half of the season
13:08 - Cesar Ruiz and his struggles
14:05 - How to help Ruiz, in the ways that you can, given his struggles
15:05 - Waterbreak! How Crown Royal wants you to drink responsibly!
15:50 - Are you confident in this team without Brees?


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