Richard Wilson at Space Shifters | In The Gallery

Richard Wilson at Space Shifters | In The Gallery

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Since the 1980s, Richard Wilson has been making large-scale sculptural interventions into architectural spaces: rearranging, disrupting and displacing their basic physical components – bricks, concrete, glass – in order to radically alter our sense of space and, in the process, ‘knock [our] world-view off-kilter’.

For his installation 20:50 (1987) – first presented at Matt’s Gallery in 1987 – Wilson has flooded one of Hayward’s upper galleries with engine oil, leaving only a narrow passageway through the centre.

Space Shifters is Hayward Gallery’s new perception-altering exhibition. Showcasing the work of 20 international artists, it features spectacular installations, kinetic sculptures and ambitious site-specific artworks.

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