Pompeii Walking Tour in 4K Part 1

Pompeii Walking Tour in 4K Part 1

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Part 1 - In this walk you will start at the main tourist entrance of Pompeii. You'll then walk through the famous Marine Gate and into the Forum. Here you will see the Eumachia, what was once the largest structure in the Forum. Next you will walk into the Temple of Genius Augusti (Temple of Vespasian) and see a marble altar at the center of the courtyard. Finally you will walk through the Macellum, the original marketplace of the Forum.

The video includes historical facts about each site and also about the general history of Pompeii.

00:24 - Pompeii Entrance
02:13 - Marina Gate (Porta Marina)
04:40 - House of Trittolemo (Casa di Trittolemo)
08:45 - Temple of Apollo (Tempio di Apollo)
09:23 - The Forum
09:49 - View of Mt. Vesuvius and Forum
10:37 - The Eumachia
11:50 - Statue of Eumachia
13:51 - Temple of Genius Augusti
14:59 - The Macellum
15:37 - Skeletons

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