Typing vs. Handwriting: Which Is Better for Your Memory?

Typing vs. Handwriting: Which Is Better for Your Memory?

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If you want better grades in school, studies suggest it might be worth switching out your laptop for a trusty, old-fashioned notebook.

Why Is Learning So Hard? - https://youtu.be/xi_i0_1ZS3Q

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Evidence mounts that laptops are terrible for students at lectures
“Do you use a laptop or tablet to take notes during school lectures or meetings? If so, you might want to reconsider pen and paper; there’s increasing evidence that using laptops during lectures decreases learning, which can result in lower grades.”

Do You Have ADHD or Are You Just Tired?
“Attention-Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a diagnosable disorder that has to do with how some people's brains function. But some researchers are saying it might not be a brain disorder... it might be a sleep disorder!”

Why ‘Super Mario’ May Be Good for Your Brain, But ‘Call of Duty’ Isn’t
“In recent years, there’s been mounting evidence that certain types of video games — particularly first-person shooters known as “action” video games — are actually good for the developing brain, boosting abilities in visual attention, short-term memory, and decision-making. But there’s a separate line of research showing that kids who play violent first-person shooters have an increased risk of aggressive behavior later in life.”

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