Chill Out Lounge Music | Smooth Jazz guitar Compilation | Volume 2

Chill Out Lounge Music | Smooth Jazz guitar Compilation | Volume 2

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The beautiful guitar of the thumbnail built by the italian luthier Emanuele Faggion: Onirica guitars

Composed, played and produced by Sebastien Zunino

1. Dune
2. Chill Coffee
3. With The Waves
4. World Of Sand
5. Eden
6. Cool Day At The Beach
7. Trip In Nice
8. The Wood Woman
9. Theater
10. Chill In The Lounge
11. PACA
12. It was A Good Week


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This Compilation music is perfect for relaxing, studying, cooking, stress relief, a romantic breakfast/lunch/dinner, having coffee, finding inspiration or simply enjoying moments of peace. Just let these positive vibes take over and help you relax! ♫

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The music on this channel is also great for cafes, restaurants, shops, airports, offices and part­ies. Enjoy!

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