Why Public Policy at CEU?

Why Public Policy at CEU?

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For more information, visit www.spp.ceu.edu and www.mundusmapp.org.

SPP's degree programs in public policy include a one-year US-accredited MA program in Public Policy, a two-year US-accredited Master of Public Administration, and the two-year Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Public Policy (Mundus MAPP):

The one-year MA in Public Policy is a US-accredited program preparing its graduates for careers in policymaking and consultancy, with governmental and non-governmental organizations, private firms and universities. Besides coursework, program requirements include completion of an MA thesis as well as an internship or a team-based policy lab project working for an external client. The program offers a number of specializations in the areas of European and International Public Policy, Decentralized Governance, Media, Information and Communications Policy, Higher Education Policy and Management, Political and Economic Development, and Equality and Social Justice.

SPP’s two-year MPA program integrates three components: Knowledge, Skills, and Practice. MPA students take required core courses in a selected number of key areas including governance, economic analysis, law, ethics, and research and analytical methods. Throughout the two-year program, MPA students also participate in a series of Skills For Impact modules where they learn the essential skills they will need to succeed in a dynamic global environment. One of the unique features of the MPA is the Passion Project — an opportunity for students to apply their theoretical knowledge and skills while gaining hands-on experience. Passion Projects are student-led, policy-oriented capstone projects. Learn more about the MPA: https://youtu.be/bhqYgKjx7BU

Mundus MAPP is a joint degree supported by the European Commission’s prestigious Erasmus+ programme. Mundus MAPP is offered by CEU in cooperation with the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University (ISS), Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI), and the University of York. The MA degree is recognized in four EU countries and, the tracks involving CEU, also in the US. Students follow a mobility track of their choice: Global or European Public Policy (CEU-IBEI; CEU-York), Political Economy and Development (ISS-IBEI), and Governance and Development (ISS-York). The program includes a study trip, an internship or policy lab, and a thesis.